Terms and Conditions

General Sales Purchase Policy:

As we hold a number of special offers at various times, we must adhere to our policy that products and program prices, sales, special discounts, free trials, and the like are valid only for the dates and deadlines upon which they are offered, so they are not valid on previous or future purchases. Also any promo, coupon or discount codes must be used at the time of purchase, at the checkout page in our shopping cart, and they are not valid on previous or future purchases. We don’t make exceptions to this policy as it would not be fair practice to do so.

Physical and Digital Products:

Please note the guarantees and payment terms on the sales page for each individual product.

Telephone-based teaching, mentoring and coaching programs:

Please note the guarantees and payment terms on the sales page for each program.

Payment Policies:

If you choose a payment plan, you agree to pay the registration fee in full as per terms of that payment plan as listed on the registration page for the program./p>

If you choose a payment plan and your credit or debit card is declined for any reason for any of the payments, you will immediately use another form of payment upon notification of the decline, or you will forfeit your placement in the program until payment is made.

If you choose to remove or cancel yourself from a program prior to the end of the program dates, you understand that refunds will not be issued, and if you’ve chosen to pay your registration fee via the installment plan, that you are still responsible for paying your balance in full. Various programs offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are unsatisfied, please contact my team for further details.

Outstanding Payments:

Payments are due in full with 7 days of the first declined payment.    Should the account remain overdue 7 days after payment is due, access to program benefits will immediately be suspended.

We understand that occasional financial challenges occur. To that end, we are happy to extend special payment arrangements or date adjustments ONE TIME during the term of the payment plan.

In the event of an unexpected financial challenge that interferes with fulfillinga scheduled program payment, please reach out to teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com to request a onetime special arrangement at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled payment date.

Suspension Policy:

If an account is placed on suspension once and then brought back into good standing within 14 days, no further action will be taken – we understand things happen.

A second suspension will be considered a pattern and notification will be sent that no further declined payments are permitted. A third declined payment will result in permanent suspension and removal from the program and from all program benefits. Client will also be prohibited from purchasing any future programs from 7-Figure Goddess LLC.

If a client is actively enrolled in more than one 7-Figure Goddess program and is current on payments in one program but delinquent/suspended from another, client will continue to receive benefits of the paid program until such time as it is paid in full/completed.

At that time client will be placed on permanent suspension and not be permitted to purchase any future programs.  

Still have questions?:

Simply get in touch with the team at teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com